Holiday Accommodation


Our local Property Management and Maintenance team provide all levels of property management and maintenance for your property.
We also provide project management, administration support and pool management.
You may own a property you live in, have a property which is a holiday rental or you may be thinking of buying and trying to work out what you will need.
We can take care of everything for you or as little as you need.

Long Vanuatu
Caring for your piece of Paradise

Property Management

Your property needs to be cared for wether you use it for Holiday Rental or your private getaway.

We can provide:
Site inspections, reports and recommendations (including security)

  • House Checks – done regularly to make sure the house girl and gardener are keeping the property as you want it and to monitor any maintenance needed
  • Marketing of your property using various online booking systems including our website
  • Airport transfers and concierge for your guests
  • Plan preventative maintenance
  • Manage keys for you and your guests
  • Project management for any work required
  • Find a Gardener or House girl and train them for your property
Property Management
Property Management

Property Maintenance

We prioritise jobs based on urgency such as when your property is occupied.

Guests without hot water don’t stay very long.

Our Services Include:

  • Replace gas bottles, should be part of a management plan
  • Replace light bulbs
  • General maintenance on your property
  • Gardening
  • Painting
  • Organise a team to clear your property
Property Maintenance
Property Maintenance for your piece of Paradise

Administration Support

If you are not living in Vanuatu it can be difficult to manage everything without making special trips.
We can provide administration support as required including:

  • VIPA Renewal
  • Business License Renewal
  • Paying VNPF
  • Manage and pay Rent Tax/VAT
  • Pay Wages
  • Pay UNELCO
  • Re register your vehicle
  • Renew PO Box
  • Land Rent
  • Property Tax

Project Management

Most jobs can be done at a low labour rate in Vanuatu but you often don’t get what you want unless it is project managed.
We can coordinate and project manage:

  • Gardeners and cleaners by setting the tasks to be done and checking weekly that it is being done correctly
  • Tradesmen doing specific jobs
  • The build of any structure around your house such as a deck, fence etc

Pool Management

In looking after your pool, we train your staff to manage your pool and over time we can reduce the number of visits per month.
We start with developing a manual which shows daily, weekly and monthly tasks supported by pictures, so the staff have something to follow.
Initially there will be a weekly visit where we will vacuum and backwash the filter showing staff what they need to do.

After some time, which depends on your staff, we move to a fortnight visit and then to a monthly check as they gain understanding.
The more you can teach your staff the better your property will be looked after.

Contact Robert on 5353389 or for more information.